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, fed chairman ben bernanke said if the u.s. economy continued picking up speed, then the fed would start reducing bond purchases. today, members of the federal open market committee aren't sure if the american economic engine is strong enough to produce -- reduce unemployment and increase growth. >> the two parties need to sit down together and take this seriously. there is a huge movement in the business world. they are writing letters to the leaders, saying, this is no joke. if you come -- continue this way, the real economy will be affected. >> economic data has been distorted by the ever mentioned him the brinksmanship over raising the debt ceiling. the postmeeting statement notes that fiscal policy is restraining growth and that the housing sector has slowed somewhat. but the committee members to see underlying strength in the economy and will await more evidence before deciding to slow the stimulus effort known as tapering. >> they have to say, tapering is a possibility at the end of the year, even though i don't think they will. the data that is going to be coming out in the
in terms of the economy, society and culture has been the result of a joint effort by people from all ethnic groups in xinjiang. >> steve tsang, are you convinced? >> not at all. what the government spokesman said, there is no semblance to the reality there. the idea that they treat it as a terrorist incident is also not well-based. if the chinese government really saw what happened in tiananmen square as a terrorist attack, they would have taken it very seriously. they would have tried to preserve the crime scene, investigate fully in order to establish who was behind it, what they were really trying to do. instead, they very quickly cleaned up the scene and tried to pretend that it didn't actually happen. they use control over the media in order to give out a version of events which is not very convincing at all. >> steve, what do you think happened? >> we don't really know what actually happened. a subsidiary of the people some daily put out a story in which one eyewitness says that the vehicle was being chased by some police vehicles. it could have been a few uighur people who hap
of competitiveness in terms of economy. >> listen to what one of our viewers is saying on twitter. who would want to play in france with a 75% tax rate? >> someone who could play for monaco. >> it is a sign to the professional players, do not come to france. >> david beckham played in his agreement was that he would play for five months and 28 days. that is why he did not become liable to pay tax in france. >> he is such an attractive and global brand. spain had a tax system for a number of years that was called be beckham system. >> it was 22%. foreign players would only play 20 something percent income tax. it has recently lapsed. they're back to 46%. the benefit is they can count on huge revenue from tv because they are one of the few shining lights at the top of the game. >> from a competitiveness standpoint, you have to bring in the good players. you have to be competitive from a fiscal standpoint. >> what is interesting, the football clubs are companies. if you just look at the business , it is the same structure. >> listed on the french stock exchange. >> have the means to -- some are leav
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while in taiwan? do they voice their concern about the economy, about which way taiwan will be going? gina? >> we have not had extensive conversations about this, by the taiwanese youth i have come across -- but the taiwanese youth i have come across, they work very hard. the people i work with, we leave before they leave work. they are out there on weekends. they are stressed about their coming up on exhibitions. i don't know if that stress is very good for young people, but that's what i've noticed. >> and david, you have seen the same thing? >> from what i have gathered, the minimum wage has been stagnant in comparison to rising inflation and living costs, especially in taipei. as much as the taiwanese people are nice and friendly, there is a certain amount of pessimism in regards to taiwan's future, economically and politically. it is really whether it will be stable. a lot of it is manifested in when they want to say, they go to australia or study abroad, go to other places with higher minimum wages, learning wish, and bring it back. -- learn english, and bring it back. it is re
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)